Day 24- Complete Jenkins CI/CD Project (Dec 20, 2023)

Day 24- Complete Jenkins CI/CD Project (Dec 20, 2023)

Recap: Day 23 Jenkins CI/CD

Before we jump into today's task, let's do a quick recap of Day 23. We delved into the world of Jenkins CI/CD, understanding its core concepts and how it fits into the DevOps landscape. If you haven't gone through Day 23, make sure to catch up before continuing with today's project. The knowledge gained will be instrumental in completing the tasks ahead.

Task-01: Setting Up GitHub Integration

  1. Fork the Repository: Start by forking the repository provided for today's project. This will give you a personal copy to work on without affecting the original source.

  2. GitHub Integration: Establish a connection between your Jenkins job and the GitHub repository you just forked. Leverage GitHub Integration to streamline the CI/CD process. Dive into GitHub WebHooks to ensure seamless communication between your Jenkins setup and the repository.

  3. CI/CD Setup: Understand the intricacies of GitHub WebHooks and ensure that your CI/CD pipeline is set up correctly. This is a crucial step to automate the build and deployment processes triggered by your source code changes.

  4. Video Reference: For a comprehensive walkthrough of the entire project, refer to the suggested video. It'll guide you through each step, making the learning process smoother.

Task-02: Docker Compose and Application Execution

  1. Execute Shell Script: In the Jenkins job configuration, set up an Execute Shell build step. This step should run your Node.js application using Docker Compose.

  2. Docker Compose File: Create a Docker Compose file tailored to this project. Crafting an efficient Docker Compose file is not just a task; it's a potential open-source contribution. Embrace this opportunity to contribute to the community.

  3. Run and Celebrate: Execute the Jenkins job and watch as your CI/CD pipeline springs into action. Once the application is up and running, treat yourself to a well-deserved celebration. This marks the successful culmination of your efforts.