Day 25- Task: Jenkins CI/CD Project - Continued with Documentation  (Dec 21, 2023)

Day 25- Task: Jenkins CI/CD Project - Continued with Documentation (Dec 21, 2023)

Recap: Day 24 Jenkins CI/CD Project

Before diving into today's tasks, make sure you've completed Day 24. This project gave you an end-to-end experience of setting up a Jenkins CI/CD pipeline for a Node.js application. Adding this accomplishment to your resume is like putting a cherry on top of your DevOps skills.

Task-01: Documentation - README

  1. Cloning to Deployment: Document the entire process, from cloning the repository to setting up webhooks and deploying your application. Follow the example provided in the link to create a comprehensive README file.

  2. Importance of a Well-Written README: Emphasize the significance of a well-structured README file. It not only helps others understand your project but also ensures that you can revisit and use your project seamlessly in the future.

Learning from Documentation: By documenting each step, you reinforce your understanding of the project. Consider it as a guide for your future self and others who may want to contribute or use your work.

Task-02: Setting Small Goals

  1. Define a Small Goal: Identify a small, achievable goal related to the Jenkins CI/CD project. This could be enhancing a specific aspect of the pipeline, optimizing Docker configurations, or improving the deployment process.

  2. Strategies for Goal Achievement: Share your strategies for accomplishing this small goal. Break it down into manageable tasks, and outline the steps you'll take to enhance that particular aspect of your project.

  3. Reward Yourself: Having smaller goals allows for more frequent victories. Describe the small reward you'll give yourself upon accomplishing this goal. It could be as simple as enjoying your favorite snack or taking a short break.