My Journey into the World of DevOps: From Novice to Kubernetes

My Journey into the World of DevOps: From Novice to Kubernetes


March 2023 marked the beginning of an exciting and challenging journey for me. It was the month when I decided to delve into the realm of DevOps, a world filled with powerful tools, intricate processes, and a unique culture. This blog chronicles my progression from a curious beginner to someone on the path to becoming a Kubernetes enthusiast.

Starting Point: AWS Cloud Practitioner Course

My journey commenced with the AWS Cloud Practitioner course. This foundational course laid the groundwork for understanding cloud computing, a critical component of modern DevOps practices. In just one month, I had a basic understanding of cloud concepts, which set the stage for my deep dive into DevOps.

Venturing into the World of DevOps

With my cloud knowledge in hand, I ventured into the fascinating world of DevOps. I began with the fundamentals, starting with Linux, Git, Docker, and introductory concepts of Jenkins, Kubernetes, and Terraform. These technologies form the backbone of DevOps, and they quickly became my focus areas.

The Internship Quest

My next step was to gain practical experience in DevOps. However, I encountered a common roadblock – the job market's demand for 2 to 5 years of experience. Undeterred, I persisted in my search and, after a month, secured an unpaid internship with a software house in Lahore.

A Non-DevOps Environment

The internship was a valuable learning experience, despite the fact that the company did not follow a DevOps approach. They operated on a monolithic architecture with on-premises servers. My tasks involved learning about web servers such as Apache2, Nginx, and IIS. I configured these servers and worked with different ports, gaining hands-on experience by deploying applications on these self-hosted servers.

Introduction to Azure DevOps

Building on my web server experience, I delved into Azure DevOps, a powerful DevOps platform that covers aspects like boards, repositories, pipelines, and artifacts. Over the course of a month, I gained a foundational understanding of Azure DevOps, expanding my skill set.

Ongoing Learning: Terraform and Beyond

My journey didn't stop at Azure DevOps. Currently, in my office hours, I am dedicated to learning Terraform, a popular infrastructure-as-code tool used in DevOps. In my spare time, I immerse myself in educational content, particularly the enlightening playlists by Babar Zahoor Sir on Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Kubernetes: The Next Frontier

As of now, my primary focus is on Kubernetes (K8s). Babar Zahoor Sir's K8s playlist has become my guiding light as I embark on this exciting journey into container orchestration. Kubernetes is a pivotal component of modern DevOps, and I'm determined to master it.


My journey into DevOps began with a simple AWS course and has since evolved into an exciting adventure filled with learning opportunities. From basic cloud understanding to web server configurations, Azure DevOps, and now my deep dive into Kubernetes, every step has been a building block toward becoming a proficient DevOps engineer.

In the upcoming blogs, I'll share my daily experiences and insights as I navigate the world of Kubernetes. Join me on this journey, and let's explore the limitless possibilities of DevOps together!